The 10 Best BB Creams for Summerby Calin Van Paris

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Vogue Magazine Beauty


The official coming of summer has us embracing a newly pared-down routine—streamlining our overstuffed makeup bags in favor of multitasking options that channel the almost-bare mood of the season. Translation: If you’re still using the same creamy, medium-coverage foundation you swore by all winter, it’s time to lighten up. Fortunately, the newest wave of beauty balms and color correctors—more commonly known as BB and CC creams, respectively—pack a checklist of benefits into a single tube while remaining virtually invisible on the skin for straight-from-the-beach touch-ups. Chanel CC Cream’s featherweight, pigment-evening formula provides SPF 50 along with anti-aging peach extract and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. Klorane’s soothing cornflower BB eye cream relieves puffiness and blurs lines—ensuring eyes remain as bright as their cloudless, sun-drenched surroundings—while IT Cosmetics’s supernaturally luminous offering leaves skin with the kind of glow that rivals a good facialist’s work.

Makeup Cosmetics Australia

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Make UP Cosmetics

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Make UP Cosmetics started in Sydney in 2009 and from a small range of powder mineral products, we have develop a wonderful and complete collection of natural mineral make-up products available through our e-shop. Once you try Make Up Cosmetics, you will clearly feel the difference.

Make UP Cosmetics doesn't use nano-sized particles. All our foundation falls under the category of secondary sunscreens and have a minimum SPF of 15.

We DO NOT test on animals, just Make UP Cosmetics Team and their willing friends and familly test our products. Recently, we have been approved by ChooseCrueltyFree. 




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Copper Eye Shadow Is About to be the Hottest Summer Makeup Trend

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By Devon AbelmanAllure Magazine


Summer might be 42 days away (not that we're counting), but we're already starting to plan out makeup looks for the sunny days ahead. What's at the top of our list? Copper eye shadow. It's the perfect neutral with a little something extra — the extra being shimmer, of course — so it goes with everything. As celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh puts it, "Copper is a good summer shade because you can wear it with bright colored clothes or summer whites."

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