34 Hair Ideas for 2014

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Good hair day? That's so 2013. These new hairstyles—gorgeous blowouts, braids, curls, ponytails, and more—are your ticket to a good hair year.

By Stephanie Saltzman

Additional reporting by Allure Staff


When it comes down to it, there are basically two kinds of blowouts: stick-straight or bouncy-wavy. This in-between style combines the best of both. Sleek from the crown to midlength with a pretty sweep at the ends, it's polished but not too perfect


What To Do About Static Hair

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Hairstyles Magazine

by: Damien R. von Dahlem - Copyright

PROBLEM: You have static or fly-away hair.

WHAT PROBABLY HAPPENED: Your hair is either dry or has product build-up from a product that contains silicon in your shampoo or conditioner. -

- See more at: http://www.hair-news.com/articles/hair-advice/what-to-do-about-static-hair.html#sthash.YwfzAGu2.dpuf

Men the Perfect Haircut for your Head

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The Perfect Haircut For Your Head Shape

Geometry Of The Perfect Haircut: We Ran The Numbers. Now Bring On The Scissors. 

by: Ahmed Zambarakji 

While your stylist/barber might seem like a creative visionary, a good haircut is all about basic mathematics — second grade geometry, to be precise. In fact, it is a basic understanding of shape and space that determines whether that impulsive desire to rock a topknot will come off as hipster rather than hobo.

Read more.........

Humidity Proof Your Hair

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The Only 4 Steps You Need to Humidity-Proof Your Hair 

by Carolyn HSU

Humidity is a friend to no one’s hair, whether your tresses are long, short, curly, straight, or anything in between. But alas, dealing with less than pleasant weather is part of life, and we’re here to help you look good through whatever Mother Nature dishes. We tapped TRESemmé lead stylist, Tyler Laswell, for his simple, four step process on how your locks can battle the sticky heat…and win. Read more..............

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