Sachajuan Ocean Mist by David Pirrotta

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David Pirrotta

In 2004, the first few SACHAJUAN Haircare products were introduced into the Swedish market. What makes the SACHAJUAN brand unique and interesting is the simplicity and functionality of the products in perfect harmony with high quality ingredients and modern innovation. Since its launch, SACHAJUAN has shown unparalleled growth. Today it is an established premium brand in the Scandinavian market, one of the most competitive hair care markets in the world. Products are created with Ocean Silk Technology. This technology was developed with two types of sea algae, Rhodophycea and Chondrus Crispus. These two different sea algae help boost moisture, shine, and the overall natural beauty of your hair.


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Tokyo Vibes Hair Makeup by Shu Eumura Art of Hair

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Shu Uemura Art of Hair USA

Tempted to go rose gold for just a day - without the commitment or compromise?

Tokyo Vibes, our new limited edition collection inspired by cosmetics, introduces hair makeup for mistake-proof temporary hair color.

This newest innovation creates instant color that is easily washable, damage-free and pillow-approved when it comes to color transfer. There is no bleach and no harsh color chemicals in the formulation, allowing you to elevate your look with unlimited, edgy styles.

No damage. No commitment. Lasts for one shampoo


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Bb Scalp Detox

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Bumble and Bumble


This invigorating scalp refresh instantly removes product buildup, oil, and impurities.
Micellar water helps to gently cleanse the scalp, Panthenol helps prevent over-drying, and Salicylic acid helps remove pore-clogging debris and dead skin cells. Plus, it feels ahhh-some, thanks to a zillion zingy micro-bubbles.

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