Why Do We Go Gray? A Scalp Expert Explains All

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by Faith Xue

The discovery of your first gray hair is an emotional experience. Shock, horror, desperation, resignation…chances are you’ll feel one (or all) of those emotions. But we’re here to remind you to take a deep breath, put down the hair dye, and stop freaking out.

First of all, gray hair is totally hot right now (see: the numerous editors and models who have purposely opted for silvery strands....read more......

A 5-Step Tutorial for the Trend Everyone Is Wearing:

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A 5-Step Tutorial for the Trend Everyone Is Wearing: Slicked-Back Hair

by: Deven Hopp      

From the runway to the red carpet, the slicked-back hair trend has taken off. Which is great for supermodels and celebrities, but what about the rest of us—can “normal” folks translate the look for everyday? Yes indeed, says our resident hair guru Jen Atkin, who showed us how to pull off the trend work in real life. read more................                          



How often should I wash my hair?

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by Alina Gonzalez

There's been a lot of discussion lately about how often you should shower (and at what temperature), and now we're turning the focus to the topic of your hair. How often you currently shampoo your strands probably depends on your hair type and lifestyle (i.e. how often you work out); but do you know how often you should wash your hair? It turns out there's a right and a wrong answer, and the frequency with which you shampoo can majorly affect the quality and health of your hair. read more....................................

The Best Dry Shampoos to Hide Unwashed Hair

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By and Rank & Style

Some days you just can't make it into the shower.

You know when you walk into your favorite department store and are immediately inundated by hundreds of beauty products ? It's ... overwhelming.

Thankfully, Rank & Style simplifies shopping by giving us daily lists of the top 10 products in basically every category.........readmore.................

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