Humidity Proof Your Hair

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The Only 4 Steps You Need to Humidity-Proof Your Hair 

by Carolyn HSU

Humidity is a friend to no one’s hair, whether your tresses are long, short, curly, straight, or anything in between. But alas, dealing with less than pleasant weather is part of life, and we’re here to help you look good through whatever Mother Nature dishes. We tapped TRESemmé lead stylist, Tyler Laswell, for his simple, four step process on how your locks can battle the sticky heat…and win. Read more..............

Blow Drying Hair

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Blow Drying Hair - Is It Bad? Hairstyles Magazine by: Damien R. von Dahlem - Copyright -

Hairstyles Magazine by: Since the 80's a myth has been circulating that blow drying your hair with a hand held hair dryer is bad for your hair. What a load of hot air. Your body vents heat through your scalp 24 hours a day. Your hair is designed to deal with heat. Short of igniting your hair with a blow torch, heat is not bad for your hair. - See more.......

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