Protective Styling

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5 Tips To Keep Your Edges Intact When Protective Styling

“…But she ain’t got no edges.”  Nine times out of ten, whatever preceded that statement was a very nice compliment of some form. However, it was immediately discredited by the lack of strand presence along the hairline.  Now of course, it’s not nice and it’s not fair, because some of us really do struggle with our edge areas. For some it takes no thought, but for others,............

Know Your Curls

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All curls are not created equal, which means there is no universal care regimen that works for every type of curl.

The key to healthy, happy curls is to understand your personal Curl Pattern, Hair Texture and Curl Condition and select products and a treatment routine based on your specific needs. Keep in mind that you have 3 or 4 different curl patterns and multiple textures on one head of hair........................

Foils vs Balayage

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Foils or balayage? Many colorists—and their clients—are deeply passionate about the hair-lightening school they subscribe to. The former, more traditional technique involves painting thin strips of hair with bleach, then wrapping them in foil. The fancy French word means “sweeping” and entails just that: brushing bleach freehand onto the hair...........................

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