Billy Yamaguchi Hairstylist

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Billy Yamaguchi Creator of Feng Shui Beauty, celebrity hairstylist, author, and salon owner. 

Billy explains, "When we talk Feng Shui, it's not a trend it's a lifestyle for us. I don't know of any trend that has lasted over 4,000 years."

Billy's has created  Yamaguchi's Hair Therapy Products with the finest natural  ingredients.


Find out more about Billy's techniques, ideas and visions of his Feng Shui Beauty at,


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6 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

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by:Samantha Escobar

Finally, you can't put those curling irons away!

Yes, everyone loves curls. Big ones, tight ones — and those seemingly hard-to-achieve beach-y waves. But all the pros agree: Regular heat styling is really rough on your hair. That's why we rounded up these oh-so-easy tutorials to help you avoid the damage (think split ends and dry hair) heat tools can cause. 

11 Rules to Always Follow for Healthy Hair

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In the age of blowout bars, extreme dye jobs, and perms (yes, they're back!), it's not a question of if your hair is damaged but of how bad the situation really is. Before you start feeling hopeless because you'd sooner sell your soul than give up your flatiron, consider that even wrecked hair can be revived with a few sneaky little adjustments to your routine, according to scientists. Shinier, healthier-looking hair is just 11 tricks (and one roll of paper towels) away. 

The Swag is the Sexy new shag haircut to swoon over

Posted in Hair

by: Allie Flinn

Meet the new hairstyle all the cool girls are wearing: the updated shag haircut (aka the swag). Unlike 70s iterations, the modern take is all about swingy, choppy layers and tons of messy texture. The versatile haircut works with nearly every hair type and face shape, so if you’re wondering if you can pull it off — you can! read more................

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