How to Plump Fine, Flat Hair

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By Hannah Morrill

Thin hair is something you're born with, and while it's not exactly va-va-voom, its worst offense is probably falling flat by lunchtime. Thinning hair, however, is a bit more alarming—and by about age 50, half of us will have noticed hair loss. But there are styling tricks and products that can plump and thicken the hair you're born with and the hair you're left with. read more.......................


Blow Them Away: How To Perfect The Blow Out

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by: Alight Fashion Blog


You’ve got the outfit, shoes, and make-up down for a great night out…but what are you going to do with your hair? Big bucks are spent on blow outs at salons, but for the price-savvy girl doing it at home is the better option. We have created an infographic, “Blow Them Away: How to Perfect the Blow Out,” with all the steps you need to achieve a salon quality blow out at home.  read more..........................

10 Most Popular Haircuts of All Time

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10 Most Popular Haircuts of All Time

By Koryn Kennedy

It's no secret that many of us take our beauty cues from celebrities. Recently a poll from hair company Goody officially confirmed it by counting down the six most popular celeb-inspired hairstyles. We've added a few iconic styles of our own to make up the 10 best hairstyles of all more.....


34 Hair Ideas for 2014

Posted in Hair

Good hair day? That's so 2013. These new hairstyles—gorgeous blowouts, braids, curls, ponytails, and more—are your ticket to a good hair year.

By Stephanie Saltzman

Additional reporting by Allure Staff


When it comes down to it, there are basically two kinds of blowouts: stick-straight or bouncy-wavy. This in-between style combines the best of both. Sleek from the crown to midlength with a pretty sweep at the ends, it's polished but not too perfect


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