6 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

by:Samantha Escobar

Finally, you can't put those curling irons away!

Yes, everyone loves curls. Big ones, tight ones — and those seemingly hard-to-achieve beach-y waves. But all the pros agree: Regular heat styling is really rough on your hair. That's why we rounded up these oh-so-easy tutorials to help you avoid the damage (think split ends and dry hair) heat tools can cause. 

6 Ways to Reverse Hair Damage

6 Ways to Reverse Hair Damage

by Bangstyle

We’ve all been there – turned the curling iron a little to high, ran the blow-dryer over the section one too many times without a heat protectant, got trigger happy and decided to try out a box-dye at home – whatever the cause of the hair damage, there are new ways to help fix and at times reverse your faux pas. Keep reading for a few quick and easy ways to ease the pain.

Get a healthy trim. You knew we were going to say that, didn’t you? Well, truth be told, you should be getting regular trims even if you’re shooting for Rapunzel status. If your damage is due to environmental effects and excess heat, most likely it is concentrated at your ends – split ends, that is. Trust us, just get the trim, it will help your hair grow faster, longer and faster.

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