IGK Girls Club Ombre Color Sprays

IGK Girls Club Ombre Sprays,

Pink Ombre Spray, This temporary, buildable color blends into hair and washes out easily. It utilizes an innovative pigment technology that fuses into hair—not the opaque result seen in normal temporary color sprays. Also in other colors, Amaro, Sutro.

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Tokyo Vibes Hair Makeup by Shu Eumura Art of Hair

Shu Uemura Art of Hair USA

Tempted to go rose gold for just a day - without the commitment or compromise?

Tokyo Vibes, our new limited edition collection inspired by cosmetics, introduces hair makeup for mistake-proof temporary hair color.

This newest innovation creates instant color that is easily washable, damage-free and pillow-approved when it comes to color transfer. There is no bleach and no harsh color chemicals in the formulation, allowing you to elevate your look with unlimited, edgy styles.

No damage. No commitment. Lasts for one shampoo


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