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Hair Club

Hair Club

With more than 95 locations throughout North America, there's a Hair Club center near you. Our team of hair loss experts and licensed cosmetologists, along with a network of the most renowned hair transplant surgeons in the industry, only add more value and knowledge to Hair Club's more than 34 years of experience.

We work with clients to develop a personalized plan that meets their specific needs from Hair Club's non-surgical treatments to hair transplantation procedures performed by the doctors of Hair Club Medical GroupTM.

Hair Foundation

Founded in 2005, the Hair Foundation is the only charitable, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization committed to providing expert and scientific information on hair loss and overall hair health to the public through education and outreach. Supported completely by donations and volunteers, the Foundation works to provide credible information regarding all aspects of hair health including hair care, styling and volume, disease, hair loss and proven hair loss treatments without commercial bias. The Hair Foundation strives to be the most trusted source providing hair information to the public.
Hair Peace Charities.org

Hair Peace Charities.org

Hair Peace Charities raises money to help women and girls buy wigs while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for any type of cancer. Hair Peace Charities also fights cancer with educational support groups and faith. Hair Prayer Care.

Hair Project Foundation

Hair Project Foundation


Under the Hair Project Foundation we run part time hair and beauty courses providing alternative provision for pupils aged 14-16 here at the academy. We offer accredited and non - accredited courses to meet the needs of individuals and groups of students including those with special educational needs.

Through the work of the Hair Project Foundation we have partnered with local pupil referral units, learning centers, and independent schools to reach some of London’s most disadvantaged students, offering them routes of progression for post 16 education and employment.

In addition to providing training in hair & beauty we also support students with numeracy, literacy and life skills through innovative inspiring teaching and mentoring.

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