AMAL-IFIED nail polish by Nailvana.LA

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Nailvana.LA focuses on the anti-aging, healthy treatment of nails and skin. Nail care is often overlooked by many but essential, especially with excessive nail polish use. “Gel polish is great as far as its strength and longevity, but the harsh chemical (acetone) to remove the gel is drying and damaging to nails,” said Gina. Nailvana’s nail strengthening and cuticle conditioning cream is the unique, new answer to this problem. The key ingredient of Nailvana by Gina: Revitalizing Nail is tree myrrh extract, which softens cuticles and prevents nail breakage. Because the brand is founded on the principle belief of striving to achieve natural beauty, NVLA (Nailvana.LA) products are vegan, cruelty free and are 8-free of the harsh chemicals used in nail polish products.


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