Are These Skin Saviors the Secret to Great Skin? (Yep!)

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When you think of beauty masks, indulgence is probably the first thing to come to mind. (Sleepover, anyone?) But it turns out that these relaxing rituals can also deliver serious results. In fact, many dermatologists—superintelligent women with easy access to superpowerful, cutting-edge lasers—use masks on themselves. In Allure’s September issue, Jolene Edgar asked five top doctors to pick their favorite ones ever. read more ................................

Turn Back the Clock and Wake up Beautiful

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 Tweak Your Bedtime Routine and Get Gorgeous Overnight

Sleeping Beauty is an age-old fairytale, but most of us probably don’t look like Princess Aurora after a night’s slumber. Morning may bring bags under your eyes, cracked skin, a blemish-covered face, or a head full of frizzy hair, leaving you to wonder how sleeping ends up making such a negative impact on our looks. read more........


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Sunspots: The Secret Ager You're Not Protecting Yourself From 

Remember the cute little freckles that danced across your cheeks as a kid? Well, if you notice that those once-character-adding speckles have crossed over into sunspot territory, you’re not alone.

Here’s the good news: while the presence of sunspots suggests you’ve been spending a bit more time in the sun than your doctor would prefer, more

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