Images Luxury Nail Lounge

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by: Jacqueline Maddison

In need of a little luxury & relaxation? Images Luxury Nail Lounge of southern California is now offering a wide variety of luxurious nail polishes from top fashion brands. These include bottles from Christian Louboutin, Chanel, YSL, Christian Dior and many more! Images have been known for their extravagance with their lavish interiors, exclusive access to $130k Models Own real gold nail polish and GIA-Certified Diamond Manicures. These cost affluent clients $25,000 and upwards. In addition, Images Luxury Nail Lounge now offers Champagne and wine beverages so their clients can truly get comfortable, unwind and enjoy themselves.

This Is the Secret to Not Getting Nail Polish on Your Skin

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How to Keep Your Nail Polish from Chipping

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Deborah Lippmann on what you're doing wrong.

by: Alexandra Tunell

Question: What can I do to keep my nail polish from chipping and peeling after only a couple of days?

Answer: First, as long as you're using salon quality brands and not dollar ones you'd find in a kiddie play set (which tend to be more diluted), you can stop blaming the polish: The main culprit behind chips and peels, according to manicurist Deborah Lippmann, read more.....

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